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About austin nicholas

Austin Nicholas :

Austin Nichols is an acclaimed American on-screen actor and director. He is likewise known for his roles in the movies The Day After Tomorrow and Wimbledon. He featured as John Monad in the HBO show arrangement John from Cincinnati, and depicted Spencer Monroe in the AMC awfulness dramatization arrangement The Walking Dead.

Early life :

Austin Don Nichols was raised in Austin, Texas from birth until the age of 18, when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in pictures. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2002 with a degree in creative writing. Some years ago, Austin broke off his engagement to Claire Oswalt, his girlfriend of seven years. And his sister, Ashley Nichols, recently gave birth to a baby girl, making Austin an uncle.

Personal life :

Alongside his acting career, Nichols maintains a strong interest in cinema. He keeps a log of every film he sees. He said "I take it to the movies and write down who does the music, edits, directs, and how long the film is." Claire Oswalt, an ex-girlfriend, said in a 2003 interview that Nichols watches an average of 20 movies a week. He especially admires Hal Ashby, Sam Fuller, and John Ford.

Career :

While studying at USC, he auditioned for some roles here and got some small parts in some shows such as ‘Wolf Lake’, ‘Family Law’, ‘Watching Ellie’ and ‘CSI’. But he wasn’t quite content with the roles he was getting and once, while gate-crashing a film party at the Sundance Film Festival, he was spotted by a manager, who saw something in him and signed him with his talent agency. By then Austin Nichols had done two small time films ‘Durango Kids’ and ‘Holiday in the Sun’.
As he joined the talent firm, he auditioned for some more roles, and eventually earned a two episode stint on ‘Six Feet Under’. Although he had average looks, his acting prowess was noticeable in even the smaller parts which he did. In the 2003 independent film ‘The Utopian Society’, Austin’s performance received severe critical acclaim with many reviewers praising him for being ‘stellar’ and ‘raw’. Needless to say, the film was a commercial and critical hit and launched Austin in Hollywood with a bang.
The next film he was seen in was ‘The Day after Tomorrow’, a big budget environment film about the dangers of global warming. Although the film was thrashed by the critics around the globe, it managed to score big at the box office, and Austin’s performance was praised. His next film ‘Wimbledon’ met with critical acclaim but its box office performance was just average. For the preparation of the role, Austin had to learn to play tennis from the very scratch.
The next two projects ‘Glory Road’ and ‘Thanks to Gravity’ came his way came his way in mid-2000s, and both the films were moderate successes at the box office and received critical appreciation. For the role in ‘Glory Road’, he learned to play basketball like a pro and succeeded in establishing himself as a dedicated actor, who’d leave no stone unturned in making his character seem as authentic as he can.
In 2006 came the film ‘The House of Usher’, which was based on a story by the famed writer Edgar Allen Poe. Austin’s performance was met with acclaim as he portrayed the role of a troubled drug addict guy with panache. Although success was coming his way, Austin found himself getting bored with what the film industry was doing. In search of anything interesting, he moved to Television for something cool to do and he got cast in ‘Deadwood’ with HBO.
He signed a contract with HBO and also appeared as leading man in the series ‘John from Cincinnati’, which premiered in 2007, but was eventually cancelled due to bad ratings and poor critical reception. It was a huge blow to Austin as he had prepared for this role with great interest. He had to learn surfing for three months straight for the role. By then, Austin had established himself as a good actor, who was dedicated to the roles and could do wonders if the right work came his way.
He carried on with Television in the following years and appeared in ‘Friday Night Lights’ in 2007 and then in ‘One Tree Hill’. He also directed a few episodes of the latter but truly life changing role came his way in form of Spencer Monroe in the hit drama series ‘The Walking Dead’ in 2015, a post apocalyptic show based on zombie apocalypse. Austin was initially signed on to play a guest role but his character was made regular.

Achievements :

Competitive water skier who, in 1997, represented the U.
Junior Water Ski Team in the Pan-American Championships.
Discovered by a manager during his senior year of high school, when he crashed a party at the Sundance Film Festival.